What is Spiritual Direction?

‘Spiritual Direction’ has other names and no single name really defines it; ‘companionship’, ‘friendship’, ‘guidance’, ‘soul-friend’ are other terms you might hear. All refer to a relationship which helps us to find meaning in every area of our lives: home, work, play, body, mind and spirit. In spiritual direction, the person coming for direction (directee) will first talk about expectations and hopes with the Director and clarify the relationship. If both parties are happy to continue seeing each other, then they will agree to meet regularly by mutual negotiation. Its focus is not problem solving; it is concerned with a person’s whole life and growth, their relationships with self, with others and with God.  However God is named.

The Spiritual Director is a person making her or his inner journey and whose discernment and support helps, encourages and challenges. The person we choose to be our guide helps us notice what is unfolding and what is potentially life-giving.

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